Thursday, April 28, 2011

My day.

In seven drawings.

So I woke up early today ready to head to school and do some studying, and go to some hard core tutoring when...I had a little mishap.
Officially the most awkward, embrrassing, nasty thing I have EVER done in public.
Wish there was a delete button. Oh well.
So after I got home I pulled myself together and the rest of my day consisted of drinking lots of fluids, sucking on some limon with salt, doing homework, and studying.
So it was a pretty normal day after all.
The End.
Oh and it's not like I want to watch it or anything.. But I am pretty sure I am going to be one of "those" people watching the royal wedding, accidentally of course.
This could lead to my first real all nighter.. fun!
What a way to remember your fist all nighter.

Future conversation: Girl: So have you ever pulled an all nighter?
Me: Actually I have. The first time I did Prince William was getting married..

Now that I think about it I don't think it's such a good idea..
People might think I actually stayed up just to watch it.
This is NOT the case.
I am going to be studying... haha
 The End. End.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wear Underwear.

My day today so far has consisted of many different things, but the thing that stuck the most so far was the nudity...

I was walking to class minding my own business when this girl and a boy walk in front of me. At first I don't notice but then as they start to get further in front of me I notice something, something I would of preferred never to have seen.

I see my first strangers butt in full walking action. sick.

The girl walking in front of me was wearing a skirt. The skirt wasn't even that short it was probably a dollar bill above the knee which is totally school appropriate. But the fact that her skirt had gotten bunched up by her backpack revealing her butt to the world was gross.

How can you not feel the breeze?? Plus why wear a skirt and no underwear???  That's just sick.

But there she was... just walking around with her guy friend all chitty chatty while I had to walk behind them.

So I debated whether to go talk to her and say her skirt was caught on her backpack. I had finally decided to tell her when they made a different turn and I was finally butt cheek free from my view. So I just kept walking..but then felt kinda guilty, what if something like that ever happened to me? So I turn around and start walking to where we had parted ways when I see that now there is a guy walking behind them.. A guy that looks a little too happy to be walking to class in my opinion.

So I came up with the conclusion that she probably did it on purpose to get some attention. I mean why else wear no underwear under a skirt? Plus I call bs on the fact that she couldn't feel her skirt was all the way up her back.  So let this guy get some "taco de ojo".... some eye food? haha

This will either teach her to wear underwear when going out in public, or that if her guy friend noticed about her butt being displayed for the world to see he didn't care enough to let her know about it.

So girl with the skirt up to your waist, I am sorry for not letting you know. But if you had just worn underwear I might of actually felt sorry for you and let you know you were butt flashing.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


High School is a piece of cake with whip cream, sprinkles, and a cherry on top. College is a voice that can make you fall asleep, heart of stone, will break every bone in your body and not care, will demand everything you got and then some more, and not care if you can deliver or not. Oh and it eats babies too.Well at least it feels like that to me. I suppose my opinion would be different if I was studying something that I actually was....good at? liked? was interested in? Honestly I don’t know, that is kind of what I have to figure out. 
I am going to design buildings for a living. YAY! ..
I like the idea of designing, but I think that is the only thing that gets me excited.

All I have to do is go to school for four years, study, not have a nervous break down, and pray that when I finally see my first design come to life its not condemned.

I should take a year off. Go find myself somewhere in Brazil, India, or Iceland. Or just leave and sit in the middle of the ocean on a beach and figure out once and for all what to do.
But that is obviously not an option. Would be pretty sweet though. Just taking a year and having your hardest decision of the day be what your going to have for lunch.

Failed attempt at drawing myself frustrated. haha

College in one word for me. Frustration. I imagine it would not be as frustrating if I knew what to do with my life.  

 So now I am at a cross road.
Either take a path that has many uncertainties and I might actually enjoy, or one that is full of challenges and a condemned design or not.

Final note.
College. Please don't eat me and spit me back out  bruised, limping, and with my hopes and dreams ripped to shreds. Thanks.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Here I am.

So here I am. Sitting. While my to-do lists just keeps getting bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger. Yet I am here, just sitting, looking out a window, breathing. So since it’s pretty clear I am trying to avoid tackling that monster of a to-do list I created a blog, since obviously this will solve all my problems. ha.

But honestly I have wanted to create a blog for a while now, just never got the nerve. But now look at me writing my first post, I feel cool.

This is all very random. When I first got the idea of creating a blog I was like "It has to be creative, it has to be catchy, it has to be awesome." So of course the first thing I tried to come up with was a name. Who cares about what you’re going to talk about right? The name is what breaks it or makes it.

So searched searched searched and came up with names like: accidentally accidental, unexpectedly expected and so on and so forth. I even went as far as to use the thesaurus to come up with more "clever" little tittles. 
But as you can see I was going for the whole "I'm not even trying" kind of feel, just in case I ever made it big it would look like it was no big deal, just an accidental glory. ha. 

So since I spent all my time coming up with a name I was so excited when I had finally narrowed it down to about three so I searched to see if someone was using them, and yup every single one was taken. Fail.
Which then just killed my dreams, and I went to go do some homework.

This leads to me creating this blog. The most uneventful day of my life, a day in which I am wearing shorts, sneakers, and a t-shirt. But to my surprise it didn't stay uneventful.   

Around 4:00pm I was walking to my car feeling defeated just waiting to see the little citation envelope on the windshield wiper of my car. I had come to the conclusion earlier in the day that I had parked without a permit there. When BAM, I get to my car and there is nothing there. That was pretty exciting considering it would have been my third one, so I may or may not have had a little victory dance in the middle of the parking lot. It just depends on who you ask.. 

The End.