Saturday, May 21, 2011

Extreme Summer

Promise to do all of these things before summer is over.
One way or another.

Starting: 5-21-2011
Ending: 8-23-2011

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


...and as they hold hands they look into each others eyes and realize this is love. The End.

This has been pretty much my whole week. Romantic comedy after romantic comedy. I think I've watched all romantic comedies Netflix has to offer.. haha

So yesterday I promised my sister I would take her to the movies. So as soon as she got home from school I let her see the times and the movies that were showing so she could pick one. She then picked "Something Borrowed."

Honestly I didn't really want to see another romantic comedy but oh well. What I hadn't realized was that we had less than 20 minutes to get there before the movie started, and when you live in the middle of nowhere that's kinda cutting it close. So we came up with a deal if we get there at the latest 10 minutes late we will watch it, if we get there later we will watch "Fast Five." So we get in the car and drive like the wind! haha not really but still.

We get there about 5 minutes after the movie started so being us we run like maniacs and buy our tickets from the food counter/snack bar thing (yes the ticket booths weren't even open).

So as after we got our ticket we run like maniacs once again to our movie room. When we finally get inside we stop and collect ourselves before doing our "cat walk" to our seat.

Haven't you guys ever felt like every single eye is on you as you look for a seat? Specially when your the loser who gets there late and now is going to screw up all the sitting arrangements. So yes we pulled ourselves together tried to calm down our manic running heart and walked in.

The movie hadn't started yet so that was a win, it was on a movie trailer of Kung Fu Panda 2, pretty exciting stuff. So as we maid the right turn to face all of the spectators and critics of our cat walk BAM! I noticed something. There was no one there. Every single seat was empty. So as soon as my sister realized this you can imagine what happened next, exercise!!

You know how in athletics they make you run up and down bleachers, well thats exactly what we did. We ran up and down the stairs with some pretty awesome karate moves. haha I blame that on the song playing in the kung fu panda movie trailer. haha

But then the movie eventually started and we got to enjoy 1hr and 43 minutes of romance. Overall it was a pretty fun experience.
Although now I am definitely ready to move into some thriller/actions/kung fu movies now. Any suggestions?
The End. <3

Monday, May 16, 2011

Summer Urge.

So what has happened to me since my last post?
The real question is what hasn't happened to me, so ill just stick to the main points.
  • Changed my major
  • Had a pity party
  • Caught up with long lost friends
  • Started finals
  • Had over two weeks in which I did nothing more than breath and study.
  • Took Finals
  • Tried to start my life back up
  • Started Summer
So now my main thing is trying to function like a normal human being without feeling like I should be studying for some major test.

Right after finals I started watching television again and I am not joking when I tell you I was watching a show when I went into my backpack got out my history book and notebook sat down on the table and... realized what I was doing.
I had this physical urge to study something, to prepare for something. It was really weird. I have never experienced this before, but then again its my first year as a college student so I guess its least normal for me.

So right now I am on my 5th day of summer and I am glad to say the urges to pick up a class book and write notes has died down, a little at least. Now I am re rela relaxing. Relaxing. Relax-ing.
Even though it feels completely wrong.

I think college has traumatized me. But to tell you the truth I like it.
The End.