Sunday, July 24, 2011


       So I am not the healthiest person in the world. Actually I am not really healthy at all.
If you are on a metro and you see the guy in the back eating a sandwich with mayo at the corner of his mouth, with fries on his lap, and a drink between his legs thats me.. only in a girl version.
       This week started off on the healthy side of things with a 2 mile run with one of my friends. For me, a person whose morning work out consistes of rolling over to the other side of the bed, its pretty hard core.
       But yes let me tell you what happened today. I woke up early had to go do some errands and got about 10 minutes late to the gym to meet with some friends to run. I get to the gym 1. self conscious because I am wearing shorts 2. hungry because I haven't had breakfast But thats ok.
       We then stretch. Or more like they stretch like flippin oplympic medalists while I stand by drinking my water like my life depended on it. After the stretching we are ready to roll!
       We all line up next to each other on the track and start running. Actually I think jogging would be a better word to describe it, so we start jogging. This being my second day I am kinda getting the hang of jogging, my other friend however (the Olympian stretcher) has been doing this for a while now so she doesn't really feel pain anymore, and my other friend who was with us for the first time was actually a pro at it, he had natural talent. So naturally I am the odd man out.
       So then I start to focus to "control" my breathing. Inhale two, Exhale two, Inhale two, Exhale two. I say this like a mantra, over and over in my head as we are jogging around the track. It was pretty sweet. After a while I felt like I could keep going forever and ever..
          But then I just have to open my mouth, crack some joke and be off balance all over again.