Monday, August 29, 2011


I would date you so hard, then marry the shit out of you.Then raise the fuck out of our kids.And give you all the motherfucking love and support you'd ever fucking need.And pay the hell out of that fucking mortgage.And then when the gutters are clogged i'll get up that fucking ladder and clean that shit up while you stand by the kitchen window comically judging my work.And then we can vacuum the fuck out of our carpet so hard that we'll have to get a new one.We'll wash our clothes so goddamn fucking hard. Forget no rinse, we'll use high fucking speed.Buy a fucking minivan to stuff our beautiful fucking babies into it and drive the fuck out of it.Then we con go some fucking parent-teacher meetings and meet the fuck out of our kid's teacher. Then judge the shit out of her in the car.And we can then pile all the children in the fucking minivan and go to the store and shop for groceries so hard that we actually have to make more than two trips to get all that shit inside the house.And then cook the fuck out of our kitchen until we have no food left and we feast on that shirt for fucking days.I will eat the fuck out of your homemade cookies.Then wash the shit out on the dishes together until our entire hands get fucking pruney.We'll watch our kids fucking graduate and mother fucking tear up like the badass bosses we fucking are.We will grow so damn old together, we will look like fucking raisins.I will fucking tell you every single second how much I fucking love you.Holding each other's fucking hands so hard that we shit ourselves.Until we die and rot as motherfucking corpses together.Til death do us fuckin part.Happily ever fucking after.

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Thursday, August 25, 2011


So this summer I didn't get to swim with sharks.
I did however go to the pool.

I didn't even see a monkey. 
I did however draw monkeys and go watch Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

I didn't grow a third arm, or sing on stage with General Larry Platt.
I did however ride in my convertible with my friend top down and singing our hearts out. 

I would like to think I am a classy Diva.
Example driving around town in a convertible top down wearing shades and a scarf. 
Also having a tea party. 

I did in a way travel the world. 

I didn't talk in third person for a day. 
Although I am sure people talked about me and my awesomeness while wearing my "If you can read this my invisibility cloak isn't working" hand made button to the Harry Potter midnight showing.

I did start a business with a friend but it kinda went down in flames. 
At least we tried.  

I actually became a chocoholic this summer so eating one chocolate coated candy for a day was a fail. 
I also had s'mores for the first time ever. 

I would however like to think I did conquer this summer, and that conquering the world is not far off.

Saturday, August 6, 2011


So today was a kinda good got kinda crappy was all retarded kinda got better then kinda didn't and then kinda was and then I am tired and don't really know where I am going with this type day.
But overall it was o.k.

I did find something pretty interesting at the store though. It lifted my spirits.
I was in the bottled water section when it happened

I was casually walking along thinking about how I should really stop wearing converse because I am afraid I will end up with flat feet and will never be able to wear high heels, not like I like them either way but still, when something caught my eye.

It was a bottle water like no other.. It's curves, its presence, its contents, gleaming at me from it's little place on the shelf, so I reached for it.

This is when I met Eternal water from New Zealand.

I am not ashamed to say I bought it just because I liked the shape of the bottle, and it's design. I wouldn't even have cared if it was from New Zealand or not, the bottle shape was more than enough.

And yes I might have marbled at the bottle for a good 3 minutes before moving on, but I liked it.

I then continued to place said bottle in my cart and kept walking when I met my second friend of the day.

It's name is NEURO BLISS

As you can see it:

  • Helps reduce stress
  • Enhances Mood
  • Supports memory
  • Promotes a positive outlook
Woo let's find blissful state in the middle of the day! 

So yes finding this bottle of "water" got my feathers all ruffled and I was all high spirits. To find one that said it would get me in a blissful positive outlook state, that was great, I could have really used some at the time. 

But then I started thinking. Is this even water? I then read the ingredients and being not able to even sound them out I put down the drink. 

Sure it looked cool and made beautiful promises, but given the fact that my spider sense were tingling I had to say no.

I then went to the check out line and paid for my Eternal. I am now home and have not yet finished drinking my Eternal, I am savoring each and every moment.  I don't think I will ever drink a Neuro but having been introduced to said drink it reminds me of how crazy the world and the people in it are, which brings a smile to my face. 

How is it that there are people that come up with these things? It's both absurd, disturbing, amazing, and exciting! I wonder if a drink will ever replace a person....that would be interesting. 

I can see the bottle now..
We offer:   The Dad, The Boyfriend,  The Mom, The Girlfriend. 
And Many MORE!!
Just one drink and you will experience all of the partnership, back talk, misunderstoodness, punishments, and fatherly/motherly council you could want! 

So to sum it all  up, today was a pretty random/boring day.