Saturday, September 22, 2012

Current Events

Where you been girl?!
I've been here, doing this.
  • Moved twice in two months. 
  • Two car accidents. One apparently is just not enough for me.
  • Started my third year of college. 
  • Started a new job. I can now ask "do you need to use the potty?" and say "stop, sit, be nice" in French.
  • Slid down a ramp with my knees for fun.
  • Got to walk like a grandma for two weeks.
  • Started thinking of going to Spain next summer.  
  • Decided to start running again.
  • Turned 20!
Hopefully if I get a chance I will post the story for each of these events. 
I am one tough cookie. 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Children, they say the cutest things.

I don't know about you guys.. but there are moments in the day when your spirits soar and you feel like a million bucks.

They may happen for any number of reasons, and although they don't come often, when they do you feel great.

Scratch that you are now exuberant. You feel like anything  you touch can and will turn into gold.

                                                         You feel like a superhero.

                                    Then the cutest little kid you have ever seen approaches you..
                                                                   Are you pregnant?

Never. Eating. Again.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


I've been so busy and tired these past few weeks I haven't had a chance to do much for fun.

Recently I was sitting at a kitchen table. Like so.

When I noticed a box of some type of pastry
I then did the logical thing.
I dumped all the bread things out of the box. 
Ripped it apart.
And started to draw. 

Good. Night.


Friday, June 1, 2012

Like a Pro.

My teacher once described the different roles one takes when tackling a problem  is like switching a cap.

You place the cap that will help you solve the problem on your head and focus on just that. 

Recently I turned into a world class mechanic. With the oily hands, clothes, and my fire truck red tool box.

Granted I've had my tool box for a long time but it had never actually held tools.

Now I'm proud to say it does. 

I am one tough cookie.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Coworker: "I work from 6 till 4 today. Would you ever work a full day?"
Me: "If I ever get scheduled to work a full day. I quit."
Boss: "Can you come over here a minute?"
Me: "Yes.."
Boss: "This is Coworkers last week since she is going to be taking summer school."
Me: "ok.."
Boss: "Starting next week I need you to work full days. Opening and closing time."
Me: "..."
Boss: "Is that ok?"
Me: "Sure no problem."
Boss: "Great"

The thing is I too am taking summer school. 
Granted it's only one class but I do other things too.

Good bye social life.

Hello Raccoon eyes.


So. My mothers birthday was a few days ago and I had to figure out what to do. 
Either: A movie, Going out to eat, and so on.
In the end I decided to go for the best daughter award and do both things with a balloon and cake thrown in.
So first thing I did was drive to a restaurant.

Then BAM!

[the following is my interpretation of an atomic bomb]
 Right before driving her to the restaurant I had gone to an ATM to get money out. 
I don't know why but once at the restaurant I went into my purse to look for my wallet.
It was not there.
Of course I had a panic attack, felt like dying, and realised how my whole life is inside my wallet.
So of course I did the logical thing. I bolted from the restaurant while my mom was talking to the waitress.

I then retraced my steps got in my car and drove like a maniac back to the bank and scanned the roads for a red little wallet. 
I was super mad/freaking out. I got out of my car rushed to the ATM and looked around. 
After a few minutes of frantically searching I realized I had lost it.
My hear broke. 
OK maybe not all that but I felt utterly terrible.

I then drove back to the restaurant and when I got there I had to brace myself.
I tend to loose things all the time, but this time I had lost my wallet, I was ready to hear the fireworks. 
I sit down and tell her.
Her face just freezes.. she then reaches down picks up her purse and...

She had my wallet the whole time. 
She confessed she didn't even know she had the wallet.
She also said she thought I had left to go buy her a balloon.

 After that little episode at the restaurant we went to the movies.
Once at the movies I got my sister to distract my mom and once again ran.
This time however I had not lost anything. Thank goodness.
I later came back with a balloon half my size.
I got the balloon and tied it around her purse.
We spent the rest of the day hearing random strangers congratulating her on her special day.

We also had cake.

The End.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

College Tip #1: Professors

The types of professors I have encountered in college.

  • This professor will not care if you learn anything, you have already paid for the class so it's up to you to show up and ask questions.
  • They will say to the class it's optional for you to attend.
  • The class grade is also very likely to just consist of three test grades then an optional final.
  • Most likely students will complain the tests are super hard and his lectures pointless.
  • During regular class days the class will be half full, during test days there won't be enough seats.
  • In my opinion this is what a college professor should be. He should only be there to guide you and give you information. It should be up to you as a college student to figure out what needs to be done and when. This is not high school anymore. Buck up.
  • This professor will never stop talking.
  • He will then proceed to rant for the entire class time.
  • Warning: These professors can be either a big waste of time or very very smart/knowledgeable.
  • This professor EVERYONE will hate.
  • Teachers even know about how bad this professor is.
  • People who attended school 50 years before you will know who this is.
  • Their lectures will be decades old.
  • Word of Advice by students: RUN.
  • My experience: I've had this professor. Yes she was very tough, but like I said you are a university student. Things will not be spoon fed. Grow up. Get your stuff done. Do what you got to do: such as never sleeping. Remember, when your done with them your done! :D
  • You will fall in love with this professor.
  • It may happen as soon as they walk in, as soon as they talk, or as the semester progresses and one day realize you love them. 
  • This professor is the BEST professor.
  • Since you are in love with them everything they say you will take to heart. So it helps to fall in love with one who actually knows their stuff, so don't fall based on looks.
  • My experience: I found this professor my second year of college, he was the most hated professor ever, but to me he was great. 
There are four basic types of professors that I have encountered so far in college and the bottom like with all of them is GET YOUR STUFF DONE.

You are  no longer in high school, you are a college student. You are a young adult. You are smart enough to figure out what you need to do. All these teachers are their to help you, use them to your advantage. 

But if you can't there is always the internet and study groups. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012



So many things have been going on in my life lately. All for the best I hope. :D
Here is a list. Enjoy.
  1. My legs and arms were massacred by mosquitoes/ants/plants.
  2. Started studying for finals.
  3. Been waking up at 4am. YAY!
  4. Successfully scratched all mosquito bites to the point where they look like bruises all over my legs. WIN.
  5. Ate like an elephant.
  6. "Cleaned" my car. 
  7. Been driving all over downtown with my cool shades on. 
  8. Broke my laptop with one single drop of salad dressing.
  9. Chillaxed on a hammock
  10. Almost crashed into an ice cream truck.
And many many other things, but I got to get back to studying...


Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Recently I was watching some end of the world type movies.
As I was watching I noticed people were being killed left and right.
They were there for a second then they were dead.

I had never noticed that before.
As I kept watching I realized I had never before payed attention to all the dead bodies.
The way in which they died and so on.
Usually I would simply cringe and move on, but usually not even that.

You could say I was over thinking it.
I know they were just movies, just actors doing their job.
I don't know. I probably am over thinking it but it just made me sad.

That's what I get for watching end of the world movies during a thunder storm in a dark room.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Dear Youtubers,

I ran across a quote today that I thought was most entertaining. Therefore I now write to you all so you can make music videos for it.

May the odds be ever in your favor,

"When I walk out the shop, this is what I see, Katniss Everdeen is staring at me, I got a loaf in my hand and I ain't afraid to throw it, throw it, throw it... I'M PEETA AND I KNOW IT!"

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Merry Christmas!

April Fools! haha Bet you fell for that one.

Alrighty so lets get cracking. 
It's a very punny kind of day. 

Alright so lately I have been terribly busy. 
Therefore not many posts.

I did however go to the midnight showing of The Hunger Games. 
It was o.k.
O: Outstandingly 
K: Kool-aid!

In case you do not know. 
I live in the middle of nowhere next to a cow.

I have never read the Hunger Games series.
My sister however has. 

So since her birthday was recently I promised I would take her to see the midnight showing.
Which I did.

I didn't think many people were going to be there considering..
1. The nearest movie theater is two towns over.
2. It is tiny. 
3. The biggest room holds around 300 people.
4. It was a school night.
But of course I was wrong. 

I would type up everything that happened but instead I will just give you 3 bullet points and a doodle.
  1. Everyone was there. From the preppy we own the world teens to the monotone voice history teacher.
  2. Most rooms if not EVERY room there was showing the movie Hunger Games.
  3. Everyone thought it would be fun to interact with the film so yelling out things were ok to do, even applauded. 

Monday, March 19, 2012


In college there is no such thing as "simple."


I have a one-pager due today. A ONE PAGER. Sounds simple enough. You have to type up a page. Not double spaced but none the less it is significantly less than the usual 10 page papers.
But since everything in college is complicated, I can't make all the information that I am supposed to be talking about fit in that one page.

So well played professor, well played. You made a simple assignment complicated.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Big Decisions

So recently, while I was in my own little world, my sister said something that got my attention.

She said, "I learned about putting condoms on bananas."

Now that is what I call an attention grabber.

I am not old enough that I forgot what middle school was like. So it completely dumbfounded me that they would be teaching this to 7th and 8th grade girls. That's more of the thing you joke about, or see in movies.

I can honestly say I never even did that. All I remember is the teachers herding all the girls one day and making us sit on the floor in a room as they rolled in a TV and played a video for us. I suppose they did the same for the boys, but they were in another room.

But yes, after hearing this from my sister I had to investigate some more.

Me: You put condoms on bananas?
Her: No, they talked about it though. But if we had I would have lost my appetite for bananas.
Me: Why were they talking about that?
Her: Well technically the teacher wasn't talking about that she was just talking to us about condoms. But the girls behind me in that class were. And they were 7th graders.
Me: So they were talking about putting condoms in bananas?
Her: Yes.
Me: So a student brought that up to the teacher?
Her: Yes, the teacher said we weren't going to do that because she would also loose her appetite for bananas.
Me: So they just brought this up randomly in class, or what?
Her: No, it's a class I take every Friday it's called Big Decisions.

I would type up a summary of the whole conversation but it was quite lengthy so I will just list a few things that I found amusing.

  1. The girls from her class were saying they want to "suck bananas."
  2. My little sister is very naive in some aspects which is good.
  3. The girls in the class think the teacher has no experience in the matter since she doesn't understand what some of the things are. Plus they think she is gay.
  4. There are different names for the girl thing as well as the guy thing. Exp: peanut, pickle, his lollipop etc..
  5. There has to be a lot of rubbing for the girl to get pregnant. 
But the most memorable thing.
"The teacher doesn't know anything about it and she is teaching this class. She is clueless. She doesn't even know what some of the words mean. I don't even know what some words mean!"

Conclusion: This new generation is far too advanced. But at least they are teaching them.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break!

So far I've done 4/5. 
Can you guess which one I haven't done yet?

Monday, March 5, 2012


What I have been doing lately:

  1. Attended a Gym Class Heroes concert.
  2. Had a duet with Travie McCoy. 
  3. Changed my life goal to becoming a world famous rapper.
  4. Realized I can't rap, or sing, or dance, or choreograph. Fail.
  5. Attempted to drive, talk on the phone, drink a smoothie, breath, and drive a standard car all at the same time. 
  6. Almost had a car accident.
  7. Drove around town with a car full of balloons. 
  8. Attempted to pull an all-nighter.
  9. Attended a Deaf event.
  10. Started planning my Spring Break.
I'm not going to lie, it took me a while to come up with all of these things.

On a side note. How did you spend your extra day of the year??

Since we are only given this extra day every four years, Feb. 29 was a day in which you should of let loose. You were given an extra 24 hours to go nuts! Go crazy! Do something you wouldn't have tried on a regular day. 

Or at least I hope you took advantage of it. If not then you and I are on the same boat. I was probably the most practical and ordinary person that day. I should of gone nuts, but oh well, there is always the next one. 

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hey driver.

You just tried to drench us with your car, but failed. Have fun cleaning your car!

Monday, February 27, 2012

You know that feeling..

When you look at him & think 'wow i love him but we're just friends', or maybe when he looks at her it hurts so much sometimes. When you're in love with him & he's in love with her. You love everything about him & he loves everything about her. You've wasted all your 11:11 wishes on him. You kept it in for so long. No one knows how confused you are. Do you tell him you like him? or do you keep it in, as usual.
                                    Umm, no I do not...

Saturday, February 25, 2012


This post is going to be about a sock.
I got inspired to write about this as I was folding my laundry.

Once upon a time I was folding my laundry.
As I was folding my clothes I noticed a sock.
<---- This sock in particular.
So as I looked at the sock these are all the things that went on in my head. In just those few seconds.
1. I love these socks!
2. When was the last time I wore them?
3. Where is the other other?
4. If I lost an arm these socks would come in real handy.
5. I should probably throw out all my socks out and get all tube socks like this one.
6. If I wore tube socks everyday and there was ever an emergency like a mutilation of a body part I could wrap my sock around it and stop the bleeding.
7. I really need to get more tube socks.
8. When did I start wearing those short socks?
9. It was in middle school. All the cool kids wore them.
10. I should of kept wearing my tube socks.
11. Now if there is an emergency I would die because I wouldn't be able to stop the bleeding.
12. I am going to wear them today.
13. Or maybe I should wear them tomorrow.
14. I wonder where the other one is.
15. Who cares these are really comfortable I am going to wear them.

Currently I am sitting in a living room sofa wearing two different socks.

The End.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I got into a sauna for the first time today. Very interesting.

This is how it all happened. 

We arrived at the gym.

I worked out at the gym.

I got the brilliant idea of looking for the sauna.

My friend got the idea of going IN to the sauna.

We go into the sauna.

I realize it is just a really hot room with a fancy name. 

We come out of the sauna.

I realize it made me thirsty.

The End.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Brain.

Here is a glimpse of the thoughts that go on in my head.

  1.  If everything in the world is recycled, does that mean I am walking with T-Rex on me?
  2. If Deaf people can't hear, do they have an inside voice when they think?
  3. Are all taste buds the same, or is my chocolate considered  someones vanilla?

What do you think?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hot Mess.

       Today there was a 60% chance of rain. Which apparently means 60% of the area in which I live will get rain.  I then get ready for school. Obviously I put on my rain boots, a light jacket, and my umbrella and head out the door.
       On my drive to school it was sprinkling a little so I figured it would get worse as the day progressed. I don't know about you guys but I love rainy days.
             But it never rained!!!
       Today there was going to be a speaker coming in to talk to our class, and our professor had told us to dress up. But since I was told it was going to be raining I did not, hence me looking a hot mess while walking into my class.
             I then sat there from 12:00-2:30pm listening to both my professor and the guest speaker talking.


Thursday, February 16, 2012


It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

On the plus side there were a few people that made it worth while. For that I thank you.