Friday, January 20, 2012

My Week.

List of things I did this week:
  1. Started my fourth semester of college. 
  2. Bought my insanely expensive books.
  3. Waited for my books to arrive.
  4. Gave up soda. 
  5. Got a workout buddy.
  6. Started "working out"
  7. Started running a mile.
  8. Could only run for a quarter of the mile.
  9. Had to walk the rest of the mile.
  10. Didn't even finish the mile.
  11. Did some light reading.
  12. Did some hard core homework.
  13. Started lifting weights.
  14. Realized I have no upper body strength.
  15. Realized I have no lower body strength.
  16. Realized I am not cut out for working out.
  17. Realized how pathetic I really am.
  18. Ate a donut. Just kidding. It was a small muffin.
  19. Regretted it so ate two oranges to counter my poor choice. 
  20. Still felt guilty/hungry so had some doritos.
  21. Had a dream I was in the Army. 
  22. Woke up so sore I couldn't even breath straight.
  23. Went wobbling to school.
  24. Started learning about Deaf culture
  25. Decided I really want to learn ASL.
  26. Changed my profile picture on Skype. 
  27. Started writing a new Blog entry.
  28. Posted a new Blog entry. 

Monday, January 9, 2012

Like a boss.


So right now I am sitting through a thunder storm. Although the lights have not gone out they have flickered on and off a few times. Hopefully I wont lose power.

So far I have been sitting in my living room watching the weather updates. That however does get quite boring. So I did the next logical thing. I went outside.

That's me on a boat. Pretty awesome.

So now I am waiting for the rain to stop so I can pull on my rain boots! 

I don't care what anyone says there is just something about putting on rain boots and walking on water that makes you feel invincible. 

It's like you go and stand on a puddle and say "Yeah that's right I own this puddle. This puddle is my..." 
You get the idea. 

Normally people freak out,scream like girls, and turn into human contortionists while trying to avoid puddles. I however wear my rain boots and walk right past them making every step deliberately forceful to splash water around like a boss. 

Yup. So this is exactly how I am going to get through this thunderstorm. Making boats and walking on water. 

 Like a boss. 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hello 2012.

So since it is a common notion to do something drastic either to begin the new year or end the old one.  I shaved my head. Just kidding. I did however cut my hair and get bangs for 2012. 

My bangs I have to say are very unique, making my New Years transformation that much more special, because my bangs are crooked.

Sure you might be thinking really crooked bangs? That's a style! 

Yes well I am aware swiping your bangs to the side and what not is a style but that is not what I mean.

I can only explain them as the hair stylist getting a little crazy with the scissors making them less "dense" and hacking a little too much than necessary from one side. But oh well it's only hair, it will grow back. haha

So here I am 2012 crooked bangs and all. Cheers!