Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Hey driver.

You just tried to drench us with your car, but failed. Have fun cleaning your car!

Monday, February 27, 2012

You know that feeling..

When you look at him & think 'wow i love him but we're just friends', or maybe when he looks at her it hurts so much sometimes. When you're in love with him & he's in love with her. You love everything about him & he loves everything about her. You've wasted all your 11:11 wishes on him. You kept it in for so long. No one knows how confused you are. Do you tell him you like him? or do you keep it in, as usual.
                                    Umm, no I do not...

Saturday, February 25, 2012


This post is going to be about a sock.
I got inspired to write about this as I was folding my laundry.

Once upon a time I was folding my laundry.
As I was folding my clothes I noticed a sock.
<---- This sock in particular.
So as I looked at the sock these are all the things that went on in my head. In just those few seconds.
1. I love these socks!
2. When was the last time I wore them?
3. Where is the other other?
4. If I lost an arm these socks would come in real handy.
5. I should probably throw out all my socks out and get all tube socks like this one.
6. If I wore tube socks everyday and there was ever an emergency like a mutilation of a body part I could wrap my sock around it and stop the bleeding.
7. I really need to get more tube socks.
8. When did I start wearing those short socks?
9. It was in middle school. All the cool kids wore them.
10. I should of kept wearing my tube socks.
11. Now if there is an emergency I would die because I wouldn't be able to stop the bleeding.
12. I am going to wear them today.
13. Or maybe I should wear them tomorrow.
14. I wonder where the other one is.
15. Who cares these are really comfortable I am going to wear them.

Currently I am sitting in a living room sofa wearing two different socks.

The End.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I got into a sauna for the first time today. Very interesting.

This is how it all happened. 

We arrived at the gym.

I worked out at the gym.

I got the brilliant idea of looking for the sauna.

My friend got the idea of going IN to the sauna.

We go into the sauna.

I realize it is just a really hot room with a fancy name. 

We come out of the sauna.

I realize it made me thirsty.

The End.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

My Brain.

Here is a glimpse of the thoughts that go on in my head.

  1.  If everything in the world is recycled, does that mean I am walking with T-Rex on me?
  2. If Deaf people can't hear, do they have an inside voice when they think?
  3. Are all taste buds the same, or is my chocolate considered  someones vanilla?

What do you think?

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hot Mess.

       Today there was a 60% chance of rain. Which apparently means 60% of the area in which I live will get rain.  I then get ready for school. Obviously I put on my rain boots, a light jacket, and my umbrella and head out the door.
       On my drive to school it was sprinkling a little so I figured it would get worse as the day progressed. I don't know about you guys but I love rainy days.
             But it never rained!!!
       Today there was going to be a speaker coming in to talk to our class, and our professor had told us to dress up. But since I was told it was going to be raining I did not, hence me looking a hot mess while walking into my class.
             I then sat there from 12:00-2:30pm listening to both my professor and the guest speaker talking.


Thursday, February 16, 2012


It was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day.

On the plus side there were a few people that made it worth while. For that I thank you.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012



So Valentines day was yesterday and it was a very productive day. The only thing that was truly a bummer was that I didn't get to eat any chocolate.

So because of it I now feel obligated to go to the store and buy all the Valentines day chocolates that are now on SALE! woo!!

Well I hope everyone had a wonderful day, either being with your loved one, getting a new loved one, pampering yourself, or pigging out cause you just felt like it.

I will now go celebrate Postalentines Day. And I encourage anyone to go and do it too.
Hey, it's all on SALE! :D

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Oh Snap! It is February, the month where the loners feel loner and the couples get coupplier and the loners get even lonerer.

So recently I was texting a friend talking about this and I realized something. My friend, she is the quiet type, very mellow. But when we were texting and I was cracking my regular jokes she would respond.
And I quote:
"OMG I need a boyf for Feb!!!!!!!" "OMG!!! LOL!!!!!!" "ROFL!!" "ROFLMAO!!" "k c u @ the lib"

Really? If you were to meet this girl she is regular and normal but when she is texting she goes all crazy with abbreviations out the wazoo. Which I think it's kinda funny.

Me on the other hand like to write everything out, I am not into abbreviations, although at times when I am in a hurry they might slip out.

But yes I guess people feel braver when they are texting and they bust out there ROFL's and ROFLMAO's, although I really doubt they are rolling around the floor laughing their a's off.
Although it's pretty funny picturing them doing it.

But yes February  is here so you best get cracking to find yourself a boyfriend or a girlfriend or a teddy bear to cuddle with. So enjoy this month, the month in which some people will put there heart out there for people to either accept or stomp on. The month in which walking into any store will choke you up with emotion seeing all the romantic stuff you cannot buy because you have no one to give it to. Or you could be a complete boss and pamper yourself each and everyday because you are happy and you don't need nobody to know how special you truly are.
-----------------------------------------So random side track..
Things I have been up to:
  1. studying
  2. running (which i suck at even more)
  3. weight lifting 
  4. being constantly sore
  5. being a trash compactor
  6. doing tons of homework
  7. drawing
  8. cleaning my car to then drive by a huge puddle and get it all dirty again.
  9. Filming a video with my little sister
  10. Being awesome, as always. 
In Conclusion. It's February so you bets be getting ready to be coupplier than usual, lonerer than usual, bitterer than usual, or awesomerer that usual. To each his own and Enjoy!