Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Coworker: "I work from 6 till 4 today. Would you ever work a full day?"
Me: "If I ever get scheduled to work a full day. I quit."
Boss: "Can you come over here a minute?"
Me: "Yes.."
Boss: "This is Coworkers last week since she is going to be taking summer school."
Me: "ok.."
Boss: "Starting next week I need you to work full days. Opening and closing time."
Me: "..."
Boss: "Is that ok?"
Me: "Sure no problem."
Boss: "Great"

The thing is I too am taking summer school. 
Granted it's only one class but I do other things too.

Good bye social life.

Hello Raccoon eyes.


So. My mothers birthday was a few days ago and I had to figure out what to do. 
Either: A movie, Going out to eat, and so on.
In the end I decided to go for the best daughter award and do both things with a balloon and cake thrown in.
So first thing I did was drive to a restaurant.

Then BAM!

[the following is my interpretation of an atomic bomb]
 Right before driving her to the restaurant I had gone to an ATM to get money out. 
I don't know why but once at the restaurant I went into my purse to look for my wallet.
It was not there.
Of course I had a panic attack, felt like dying, and realised how my whole life is inside my wallet.
So of course I did the logical thing. I bolted from the restaurant while my mom was talking to the waitress.

I then retraced my steps got in my car and drove like a maniac back to the bank and scanned the roads for a red little wallet. 
I was super mad/freaking out. I got out of my car rushed to the ATM and looked around. 
After a few minutes of frantically searching I realized I had lost it.
My hear broke. 
OK maybe not all that but I felt utterly terrible.

I then drove back to the restaurant and when I got there I had to brace myself.
I tend to loose things all the time, but this time I had lost my wallet, I was ready to hear the fireworks. 
I sit down and tell her.
Her face just freezes.. she then reaches down picks up her purse and...

She had my wallet the whole time. 
She confessed she didn't even know she had the wallet.
She also said she thought I had left to go buy her a balloon.

 After that little episode at the restaurant we went to the movies.
Once at the movies I got my sister to distract my mom and once again ran.
This time however I had not lost anything. Thank goodness.
I later came back with a balloon half my size.
I got the balloon and tied it around her purse.
We spent the rest of the day hearing random strangers congratulating her on her special day.

We also had cake.

The End.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

College Tip #1: Professors

The types of professors I have encountered in college.

  • This professor will not care if you learn anything, you have already paid for the class so it's up to you to show up and ask questions.
  • They will say to the class it's optional for you to attend.
  • The class grade is also very likely to just consist of three test grades then an optional final.
  • Most likely students will complain the tests are super hard and his lectures pointless.
  • During regular class days the class will be half full, during test days there won't be enough seats.
  • In my opinion this is what a college professor should be. He should only be there to guide you and give you information. It should be up to you as a college student to figure out what needs to be done and when. This is not high school anymore. Buck up.
  • This professor will never stop talking.
  • He will then proceed to rant for the entire class time.
  • Warning: These professors can be either a big waste of time or very very smart/knowledgeable.
  • This professor EVERYONE will hate.
  • Teachers even know about how bad this professor is.
  • People who attended school 50 years before you will know who this is.
  • Their lectures will be decades old.
  • Word of Advice by students: RUN.
  • My experience: I've had this professor. Yes she was very tough, but like I said you are a university student. Things will not be spoon fed. Grow up. Get your stuff done. Do what you got to do: such as never sleeping. Remember, when your done with them your done! :D
  • You will fall in love with this professor.
  • It may happen as soon as they walk in, as soon as they talk, or as the semester progresses and one day realize you love them. 
  • This professor is the BEST professor.
  • Since you are in love with them everything they say you will take to heart. So it helps to fall in love with one who actually knows their stuff, so don't fall based on looks.
  • My experience: I found this professor my second year of college, he was the most hated professor ever, but to me he was great. 
There are four basic types of professors that I have encountered so far in college and the bottom like with all of them is GET YOUR STUFF DONE.

You are  no longer in high school, you are a college student. You are a young adult. You are smart enough to figure out what you need to do. All these teachers are their to help you, use them to your advantage. 

But if you can't there is always the internet and study groups. 

Thursday, May 3, 2012



So many things have been going on in my life lately. All for the best I hope. :D
Here is a list. Enjoy.
  1. My legs and arms were massacred by mosquitoes/ants/plants.
  2. Started studying for finals.
  3. Been waking up at 4am. YAY!
  4. Successfully scratched all mosquito bites to the point where they look like bruises all over my legs. WIN.
  5. Ate like an elephant.
  6. "Cleaned" my car. 
  7. Been driving all over downtown with my cool shades on. 
  8. Broke my laptop with one single drop of salad dressing.
  9. Chillaxed on a hammock
  10. Almost crashed into an ice cream truck.
And many many other things, but I got to get back to studying...